The finest stroller-based workout in the Silicon Valley!

MOMS! Get in shape!
ATHLETES! Train for that marathon!

StrollerPower!™ is an instructor-led workout program that provides the benefits of:

• Power Walking & Running
• Core Bodywork
• Upper & Lower Body Toning & Strengthening
• And more!
• All in the wonderful outdoors!

We provide the place, time and focus to enjoy workouts all with your child and other moms with similar challenges and goals, be it placing in a 5K or 10K or simply losing the last bit of baby weight.

StrollerPower!™ classes are 60 minutes in length and conclude with an optional faster-paced drills and a cool-down routine. Typically, every class is unique, different, and challenging whether you are a former marathoner, triathlete, or a novice exerciser. These classes make the absolute most of what the local trails and parks have to offer, while also tending to those difficult-to-train areas for moms (lunges, crunches, dips, push-ups, squats, abs, and more).

More and more, moms find it challenging to balance their time and  energy while, most importantly, enriching the lives of their newest family additions and always on-the-go toddlers. New moms, especially, may find it difficult to do all this and still get into the physical shape and mindset they either once had or desire to be in after one or more pregnancies. Now there’s the StrollerPower!™ workout program, which is specially designed for mothers with young ones.

Not sure it’s worth it? Not to worry!
We happily invite all first timers to try out their first class at no cost!
That’s right, FREE!